Industrial & Substrate Coatings in Montebello, California

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Many of Stamar Engineering's dispersion coatings provide a plastic film on a prepared metal subsurface. After processing, the result is a tough, durable plastic film integrally bonded to the subsurface.

Prevent costly substrate damage caused by the environment with coating services from our company. Our Teflon® and powder products are ideal for a variety of surfaces and are key to many industrial markets.


Coating products are used for many reasons, including corrosion control of metal and steel surfaces. Learn more about their numerous functions and benefits.

Waffle Iron, Substrate Coating in Montebello, CA

All of Stamar Engineering's coatings are characterized to varying degrees by the following:

• Non-Stick, Self Lubricating Properties
• Abrasion Resistance and Surface Hardness
• Low Friction Coefficients • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Contact Stamar Engineering in Montebello, California, for top-quality substrate coating.

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Set your equipment and machinery up for success with industrial coatings from our company in Montebello, California. In business since 1980, Stamar Engineering provides protective and maintenance coating applications for automobiles, aircraft, recreational transportation, and food/bakery-related components. 

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With more than 60 years of experience, we offer hands-on services, paying close attention to detail. Furthermore, our quality control is second-to-none.

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